I got interviewed on radio not too long ago — how did I get here?

This year has brought some new and amazing experiences my way, I have attributed these to a wide range of other things and other people, but I also want to acknowledge another contributor that I have neglected for a while.

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”, so said a Roman philosopher — and Oprah Winfrey!

I previously blogged about my journey to becoming a Cloud engineer. This blog, as much as I had written it for myself, was also written for the person out there who may have been feeling discouraged somehow. This blog had been written to give them hope, in that no matter your background or current circumstances — you could still pursue and attain a dream or a goal. The response to this blog has been overwhelming to say the very least.

So how did I end up being invited to an interview by the amazing Carol Ofori at the national radio station Radio2000ZA? Let alone making it onto their SHERO-es list?

The SHERO segment seeks to acknowledge women who are making a positive impact in the respective industries they are in — so you can see why being recognized like this has been nothing of amazing.

During the interview I talked about cloud — and in there what cloud engineering is. I also talked about career opportunities within the cloud space — where and how to get trained so that one prepares accordingly for opportunities when they arise, for when their “luck” as defined above — actually shows up.

I believe that in a country like mine especially — there exists a segment that I am calling “the forgotten” as far as technology, and specifically this emerging technology known as cloud, is concerned. I am yet to come across a talk, class, webinar etc. that is targeted at those who may have been left behind, most times through no fault of their own — but through the environments they find themselves in.

I was honored to find out that I may have been speaking to those who belong in this segment during this interview. The feedback has humbled me in ways I cannot articulate.

I am hoping for more of these opportunities, as scary as it is to share personal stories because of how vulnerable this makes us — hearing even one person say they now have hope they didn’t have before — makes it worth it.

And this was me sitting infront of a mike 🙂

Radio2000ZA Interview